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Very good looking game. The ending was pretty fine for me, really surprising, good job developer! 

Thank you!!

love the game thank you




Walking outta that Walmart be like! 

Great detail and an interesting concept. It was quite  a  challenge but an awesome one!

Este juego te hará pensarlo dos veces antes de estacionar tu carro en un subterráneo. Muy bien hecho, ojalá haya más así.

Spot H9 made it onto my 10 scary indie horror games list! This was a short and sweet one with a unique premise. I enjoyed the various scares and events that played out as I desperately tried to find my car. Good fun!

That is sooo great! Thank you. Hope you will also enjoy upcomming totally new release of the game, with whole new story.

when is the new release of the game coming out?

This was a lot of fun!! I loved the ending :)

Thats great! Glad you liked it.


good game

Played today, very cool.

Gameplay BR

Bom jogo, espero mais.

I really enjoyed it , but the repetition of teleportation could have been made less ! instead maybe some new way of variation apart from that i loved the scares and everything ! this has a potential to be a story based parkinglot game  Here's my gameplay ! #love and #support from #india ^_^ 

glad you liked it! I am constantly working on expanding the game. I already got evolved the whole idea. I got quite a lot of new encounters and quite interesting plot. Its  getting more and more interesting. Check out from time to time mu itch page for updates!

i couldn't download it for some reason, did anyone else have this problem????

That is the first time I got this issue. What do you mean by couldn't download? What happens when you click on download button?

Cuidado com os drag]oes do estacionamento. 

Cool Game! 

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I really enjoyed it in the beginning; but after a while I was just not as into it because of the repetition. It has a lot of potential to be a great game. Your game is the first one.

this was an interesting concept to make into a horror game, it did scared me but the glitches kinda took my immersion away, it was still fun and scary tho, keep up the great work familia! 

This is a well made game. it definitely  has its jump scares, but its the dark that keeps it scary! Only problem I had is when I  got to the car, I couldn't get in it !!

Game here:

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I like how realistic this is because this would actually happen to me in real life lol. But I really did enjoy the atmosphere, I was playing with my speakers on loud so I kept getting creeped out by the little girl giggling. (Which I actually screamed a couple times just form the sheer sound of the footsteps) overall I really did enjoy it! 

A very Atmospheric Horror game. Really gives the fear of the unknown and the sensation of Lonesome Darkness. Downside of this game is it's sensitivity to crashes and unmovable character, just pressing the LMB one to many times may trigger the character not move from his spot and restart the game.. But all in all a great little terrorizing experience. Highly recommended with a warning to be open minded to the game.. Great Job.. More games to come <3 

  By the way check out the channel and if you like my content don't be shy and hit that subscribe button for more Horror Content.. PEACE!

Hi. Thank you for great feedback. There is updated version already with stuck in place bug fixed:) 

Yup! You got me Twice. Good Job lol
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I legit thought I was going insane! This game is a trip and it gets in your head quickly. Almost made me cry. I LOVED IT! Also, I'm kind of a masochist.


Cool. : 5/5

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Nice game !

not gonna lie the jumpscares were kind of random but i will admit they got me so nice job lol. your game is at 11:45 :)

sill daft loved it 

Enjoyed this a lot, such a good idea. Good Job!!! 

Glad you liked it!

thank you so much! 

Weird..funny..but actually scary

Is there actually an ending at all?

NO game has scared me as bad as this one did.. Such a good idea! I love the confusion and feeling of relief once you beat it. 10/10 horror 


A few restarts were needed and the end had me screaming... literally but nice little game! :D

There is an update that fixes most of the bugs right now. Just for information:)

Game crashes when opened

Can you provide your computer specs?

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Procesador AMD A4-9125 RADEON R3, 4 COMPUTE CORES 2C+2G      2.30 GHz

RAM instalada 4.00 GB (3.87 GB utilizable)

Id. del dispositivo CE67F74C-2C6D-44C5-8267-0C1E22ECF8B4

Id. del producto 00327-30822-18429-AAOEM

Tipo de sistema Sistema operativo de 64 bits, procesador x64

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Hi. I believe 4GB RAM might be an issue here. On my weaker PC with 12 GB it is lagging already

It is crashing at the star

Sorry to hear that. This is the first time I hear this problem. I know this game seems to be needing low hardware requirements, but that might be the issue, as on mid-low end PCs it is stuggling to run. I can't tell if there is anything else causing that, but this is first thing that poped into my head atm.  

This game was definitely unique to say the least. I loved how random it was and I enjoyed the concept and the mechanics behind the game! Although I also feel it shouldn't have been as long of a game as it was. I assume it was a little longer to build anxiety, but in the long run the length of the game didn't decrease or increase the anxiety! I thought it was a fun and spooky horror game and I had a good time! Keep up the good work!

 - CrazyCheesePuf

I Ran into alot of glitches but this game had good concept

We played this game on stream and it was glitching and lagging all the time. It looked like a nice one with a promising concept and jump scares, but we just couldn't do anything getting constant bugs. Starts at 1:32:38

Quite a fun and def unique game here.  Enjoyed this one alot. Check out the full video!  

It was really scary, but I had a lot of fun! However, there is an error in stopping if you keep pressing the car key in a short period of time!

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