A downloadable game for Windows

VR game. The ship is exploding, you need to find your way out gate by gate by gate, but is escaping worth it?

Move your hands with VR controllers

Use thumbsticks for moving.

Updated Desktop version.

Mouse to look around. WSAD to move around. LMB to activate. RMB to clear screen.

Install instructions

VR headset needed.


space_rescue.rar 137 MB
space_rescue_desktop.rar 137 MB


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I think is good game for VR. Unfortunately I can't play it :(


I can try to build it for desktop if you are interested

Yes, of course


Desktop version is uploaded. Have a go:)

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Thanks! Maybe can you try, please, our games?

The game is not bad and the fall of the meteorite is interesting, but in the end this meteorite begins to annoy and the interest in the game disappears. It doesn't allow to concentrate. The end of the text is well thought out. It is a pity that there is no animation of glass cleaning, which is on VR